The Way We Were

‘The Way We Were’ is a dance production Intended as a contributory piece for the Remembrance Day commemorations, its subject matter and themes focuses on bringing all generations together to remember those effected by war.

The full performance includes live musicians, and a multi-generational community cast. The piece incorporates a range of dance styles and genres, which, in addition to contemporary dance includes Jive, Lindyhop and Ballroom.

Looking at relationships that occurred as a result of war, a central narrative focuses upon  two main characters; a young couple who meet only to be separated by war. A piece set against the backdrop of a difficult era, it reawakens emotions surrounding the theme of freedom as supported by the necessity of war and dance as an expression of release throughout the duration of conflict.

The Way We Were shows a past that we all belong to in one way or another and that our understanding of past events can help shape our present and future. With this piece of dance theatre Tenfoot Dance Company aims to bring people together to dance and remember.