Sights and Sounds


Darryl Brooks

Hull born and bred, photographer, specialising in portraiture with a speciality in wedding and events photography now runs a successful studio. His expertise stem from a life time of experience beginning with black and white photography he developed and printed at home.




Jerome Whittingham

Photographer, interviewer, and digital media producer. He specialises in supporting the voluntary sector, both locally and regionally. With a wide interest in social issues, culture, and the arts, Jerome regularly reports on topics including: homelessness, dementia, young people, social enterprise, community development, theatre, performing arts, visual arts.



Antoine Robinson



George Beastall

Instruments: Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Guitar, Didgeridoo. Inspired by Jeff Wayne’s musical version of War of the Worlds, George started playing piano aged 8. It wasn’t until he picked up a bass guitar in his teenage years that he really found his passion and locked himself away, practicing for hours every day. His early influences were Rock, Soul and Funk and he started playing in local pub bands developing a reputation as a great groove player. He then got involved in several writing projects in a wide range of styles including R&B, Hip Hop, Dance and Drum n Bass.

He founded local function band the Herbs ( who have enjoyed a busy career for the last 15 years and are still as busy as ever. He picked up the double bass and started playing Jazz in his late twenties is in the house band at Pave on Princes Avenue for the weekly Jazz Jam night every Tuesday. He is also in the house band for the renowned Phoenix Jazz Jam night in York every other Wednesday. He plays and sings as a dep musician for many local bands and is the bass player for the Hull Big Band ( who are playing Hull Truck Theatre on 19th November.

He is also an educator, running a primary based digeridoo making and playing project called the Didgeridude and has a small boutique guitar pedal making business, Beast Pedals.

He can be contacted for any work relating to the above information through the Herbs website.”


Mike King

An experienced jazz, classical and solo trumpet player. He has studied at The Birmingham Conservatoire of Music and the University of Hull under the tuition of Richard Iles, Jean Toussaint and Nicholas Riggs. Mike was heavily involved with projects, where he performed alongside some of the UK’s greatest musicians including Alan Barnes, Steve Parry, Steve Waterman, Mark Bassey and Dennis Rollins.

 Along side his studies, Mike has worked as a professional trumpet player from the age of 17; embracing the opportunity to become involved in a number of ensembles throughout the UK. This includes ‘The National Youth Jazz Orchestra’, ‘Doncaster Jazz Orchestra’, ‘The Jazz Aesthetic’ (University of Hull) and nationally acclaimed Hip Hop collective ‘Extra Curricular’.

Mike has performed at many UK and European festivals, highlights including Beat Herder festival with ‘Extra Curricular’ and in the Big Band for world renowned Trombone player Dennis Rollins in Germany (November 2013), Currently, Mike is performing nationwide, teaching in Hull and surrounding areas as well as arranging for ensembles upon request.


Alan Drever-Smith

Freelance musician living in Leeds. Graduating in 2014 with a First Class honours Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Hull, Alan has enjoyed amassing a repertoire of experience in a variety of musical roles, principally as a jazz drummer and orchestral percussionist, but also as a latin percussionist, jazz and classical pianist, conductor/director and transcriber. He has a particular interest in pursuing theatre pit band performance. During his time at University he studied under Kris Wright and Chris Sykes, and gained valuable experience performing in a multitude of ensembles, both within University and throughout the country. He has worked professionally around the North of England, Scotland and London. Within Hull he enjoys work as the house drummer at Hull’s PAVE Tuesday night Jazz residency, percussionist in Hull Philharmonic Orchestra and teacher of drums and percussion for Hull Music Service.